How To Tell If You’re A Lesbian

What Makes Lesbians Lesbians?

It’s incredibly tempting to open with a Jeff Foxworthy-like line: “You might be a lesbian. . .” Still, the truth is that determining where one fits into society can be key in living a happy life. Such awareness can actually be difficult to achieve when one wonders about her sexuality in today’s oft’times amorphous society.


Contrary to what some would have us believe today, not everyone is aware of being gay at an early age. For those still questioning, knowing about some clues can be significantly helpful. Here then, we shall review a few of the clues that may help you discover if you are indeed a homosexual woman.

The “Tomboy”

Are/were you a tomboy? One clue that some homosexual women overlook as a child is one that while not conclusive is often an early indicator. A girl who has that certain flair of being a little too much of a “boy” could be the first or earliest clue.

The Lipstick Lesbian

The legendary sapphic sister can sometimes confuse the picture too. You might be one of those gay Maybelline-donning doll images heterosexual women thought they had a monopoly on decades ago. You know the type: glossy lipstick, frilly lacey tops, shorty-shorts, little, form-fitting black dresses, and sexy high-heels have caused many a heterosexual man’s faces to fall flat in disappointment.

While some things have changed concerning the stereotype, if you wear pearl-peach lipstick but still have a comfy pair of Peppermint Patty-inspired Birkenstocks in your shoe rack, then you just might be a homosexual woman. Furthermore, if you can add an upstairs loft above your garage, and look marvelous while doing it then you might be a homosexual female.

The Classic Katy Perry “I Kissed A Girl And Liked It” Syndrome

If you have been so disappointed with men that you are tempted to move in with your sapphic friend, this does not make you a homosexual woman. This might just mean you have a bad taste in men, and you’re upset. If you are not gay, your love of men will return before you know it.
If you find yourself cuddling up to lesbians who are quite happy to nurture you through your “man troubles”, be honest and be careful not to mislead them (or yourself) about your sexuality. It’s simply gauche to love and leave a lady the minute the next six-pack rippled bad boy moves in next door and tells you that you’ve got pretty eyes.

The Sapphic Accident

Sometimes our sexuality is not so black and white. You might find yourself experiencing deep, intimate feelings for one specific woman but that doesn’t make you a homosexual woman. You might just have a truly special connection with this single person, without finding any other woman sexually attractive.

This is a “sapphic accident” or a unique chance happening. Once this relationship is over, another woman will probably not work for you. If this is indeed a chance happening, the probability of you ever meeting another unique woman for such an intimate love connection is practically zero.

The Sapphic Yardstick

The criteria regarding being a lesbian are clear. You have to be a woman who is attracted to other women. If that mental image didn’t make you wretch with disgust you might have some homosexual or at least bisexual tendencies.

Another indicator is feeling a natural desire to make love to another woman. Specifically, a physical desire that goes beyond just “I kissed a girl and liked it.”

4 Absolute Indicators

You Can Be Sure If:

  • The very thought of sexual intercourse with men makes you feel incredibly awkward if not downright repulsed.
  • You look for films, books, and data concerning homosexual women in order to learn about the community and culture. You want to be with them socially.
  • Your sexual fantasies are focused solely on ladies. You have a strong, frequent desire to make love with another lady.
  • You find thoughts of holding hands with, kissing, and/or being with another woman to be so romantic and exciting you want to do these things all the time. You cannot resist women.

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